Badam (100gm) Foodnjoy


Nutritional Facts

  • Calories: 160,
  • Carbs: 5 g,
  • Fat: 14 g,
  • Protein: 7 g.
  • Benefits

    • Peanuts are an excellent source of biotin.
    • Peanuts are chock full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.
    • Peanuts contain some of the same antioxidants as Red Wine.
    • Eating peanuts may protect you against gallstones.
    • Peanuts contain copper.

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About the Product

Peanuts are rich in energy and contain health benefiting nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for optimum health. They compose sufficient levels of monounsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid. Research studies suggest that this diet is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that help prevent coronary artery disease and stroke risk by favouring a healthy serum lipid profile. Peanuts are a good source of dietary protein compose fine quality amino acids that are essential for growth and development.